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Bought a Satalite laptop less than 30 days ago office depot says it has a software problem and it will cost 399.00 to repair this because i did not buy their GEEK Warrenty package and they was not the first to turn it on and check it. If that is the case then it kinda makes me think this whole Tosibia/ office depot thing is just ONE BIG SCAM, AND THE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS JUNK Keep in mind this unit is less than 30 days old neither Toshibia nor Office Depot whants to accecpt responsibility for anything other than to sell you another warranty. My name is Rick Fint i live in Frankfort Kentucky if any ideas email me at

Monetary Loss: $600.

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dbarsky 221 thanks for all your info i have placed a complaint with the BBB Office Depot has until Mar 2nd to respond then i will go from there


Since your computer is only 30 days

old, why not call your state attorney

general's office? Why not call your local news station to inform people

how you are being treated by Office

Depot and Toshiba? Why not go on

YouTube and have someone video tape

you? Just protect yourself from any

suit by telling people of your problems

and from your experience, this laptop

is junk, no one should buy one, and that

the store where you bought it is now

treating you like ***?

Maybe you should call the BBB and even

consider standing in front of the store

with a sign or signs telling people

they shouldn't buy a laptop from the


Maybe consider re-formatting the laptop

and re-installing the software that came

with the computer or already installed

on a backup drive? Maybe the software

was installed incorrectly? I'm planning

to buy a Dell Laptop. I will never buy

another Toshiba product. In my opinion.

don't ever buy a laptop from a store again, but it directly from the company

except when it comes to Toshiba. I think this company is worse then Lenovo, Acer,

and even Gateway.

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