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I purched a Toshiba laptop at Best Buy 5 months ago. Three weeks in I plugged in a usb mouse to one of the ports and when I unplugged it the little white spacer came out. I thought no big deal theres two more. Well about 4 months later I went to turn on laptop and no screen no boot up. From what I have read on the net this is a common problem with my model laptop. So I pay the 15 dollars to send it in right away. One week later I get a phone call saying that the usb port has pysical damage (which its not damaged only the little white part came out which was not do to anything I did) and they could fix my laptop for 325.00 (which if you read other post thats the price for every fix. Only because they know no ones gonna fix a 430 laptop that dies in 5 months for 325 dollars). I called and talked to a customer relations rep which was a joke. I told him (Jessie) that was like taking in my truck for motor repairs and them not fixing it because the brake lights didnt work. He was very very rude and clearly showed he couldnt care less. When I asked to talk to his supervisor he told me his supervisor doesnt talk to customers and he was the highest I could talk to.

I am so tired of companies having the stick it to you attitude. What can we do about it? I am considering small claims court and contacting The Better Bussniss Bureau. I am so tired of spending hard earned money to only get the shaft by someone.

If any one has any ideas or has had success with getting through to this company to honor thier warranty please post something.

Review about: Toshiba Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $470.

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My Toshiba laptop is on it's 3rd year and every year, during the 2nd week of June, it has died. The 1st time it happened, it was within 6 months of purchase, but I could not get my warranty honored.

I had to purchase the reboot discs for $50+. The next year, 2nd week of June-Again...This is now the 2nd week of June and guess what, my laptop died last night. It will not even open in Safe Mode. THe little Windows scrolling bar just keeps scrolling until the screen comes up asking if I want to repair.

Is this a marketing gimmick of Toshiba?

Is there something in my computer that is scheduled to shut down Windows every year? THIS SUX!


My Toshiba laptop is less then a year old, noticed on the right side the two USB ports where loose. I contacted Toshiba tech support and was told I could not take it to an Toshiba authorized dealer I asked why?

Was told when I reg my laptop I didn't pay for that service that Toshiba would mail me a box out and I would take it to UPS. So when the box came I took it to UPS received a recorded message from Toshiba two days later telling me they got my laptop and it was in for repairs. The tech had told me it would take about 7 days to fix. After about 13 days of no word either by phone, email etc.

I wrote them and asked what was the status of my laptop. I got an email back stating that I needed to call them that it's an non warranty issue and it would cost $175.99 I began to boil. I called the next day, was on hold for 45min, then a Dorothy came on the line and I gave my depot number, then she began to tell me the USB ports are an non warranty issue, I asked her to explain that. She said plugging things into the usb ports like and unplugging them will cause the usb ports to come loose.

I said WHAT! your telling me on a laptop plugging in your camera, external drive, flash drives, printer that the usb ports are so weak they will come loose, she said yes. I asked her then what in the heck are we doing with a laptop if you can't use the USB port? I told her I was going to contact the Toshiba headquarters, BBB, consumers protection she cut me off and said I don't care who you contact, do you want to pay the $175.99 I told her NO!

and I want to speak to a supervisor, and I began to talk and was cut off by music on the line, then she comes back and said did you understand what I said, I asked her how could I went you cut me off, the call was sent to a rep I got someone called Pearl. I gave her my depot number and she tells me the same thing, i told her in there design there's some short cuts here and no USB should be so weak that you can't plug items into them and unplug them. She stated you should leave them plugged in, what good is a laptop if it's not portable you might as well go back to Desktop. I told her who I was contacting and she said she would make a report and gave me a number.

I told her mail my laptop back to me undamaged, I have photos I have taken of my laptop. As of today I haven heard anything and when I check on line it still states in repair status. Now I know why I could not take it to an Toshiba authorized dealer. Toshiba authorized UPS-run repair facility in Louisville, Ky, where UPS repairs the laptops themselves and ships them back to the customer directly.

UPS can't deliver a box without damage what will my laptop look like when I get it back? I will not let this go away, there's to many written statements talking about the same problem, and I will never buy anything Toshiba again. I trusted Toshiba product not anymore.

If anyone has any idea please post them. Thanks.


My toshiba laptop crapped out on it's 1 year birthday and faded to black, I lucked out because I had used MasterCard and they give you a I year extended waranty, they sent me a check for the FULL price I had payed with tax. I had to take it to a authorized TOSHIBA service center in Skokie IL., where the charged me $75 to tell me the motherboard was fried, and they would fix it for 13 cents more than I had paid for it, what a racket, but that 13 cents was over the cost of what I had payed which is why MasterCard paid me.

I recommend checking were a service center is for a BIG ticket item is before you buy it, and use a credit card that will extend the waranty.

I also have NO interest in EVER buying a TOSHIBA product again. The 'S' in TOSHIBA stands for SUCKS.

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