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I purchased a Toshiba MINI NOTEBOOK NB205-N230 in January of 2010 right before I took an extended trip overseas.I liked the long battery life, form factor, and the fact that it could be use for Skype.

The first time I tried to use Skype, I found that my headset microphone did not work and the person I called could not hear me. I bought two more headsets and the same thing happened each time. Another problem was that the built-in microphone was always live and that unless the sound was turned off, there was loud feedback. After trying to resolve it with Toshiba technical support, I was told to return the netbook to Toshiba, at my expense, per the warranty.

Toshiba's repair service returned it to me, certifying that it was in perfect working order. It was not. The netbook had the same problems I reported when I sent it back. Today, I called Toshiba technical support and I was told that I have to send it back to again, and pay to ship it again, even though Toshiba's repair service did not fix it the first time.

The person I spoke to refused to allow me to speak to a manager. She informed me that Toshiba's policy would not cover the cost of re-shipping the unit even though Toshiba's repair facility had not done the job correctly the first time.

I wonder if anyone else has come up against this customer-be-damned policy.I, for one, will never again purchase any Toshiba product of any kind.

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I have been trying to get Toshiba to honor warranty service on a 40" TV purchased last December. It has been 7 weeks and counting. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


:( I bought a 55' LED Tv, after a month the network programs on the tv stopped working.I have gone over 150+ minutes trying to fix this problem.

The call wait time ridiculous, the representatives are useless and i have been trying to fix this piece of *** for 2 months now...

not to mention they scheduled an appointment and never showed up to my house.I will never buy anything from Toshiba-ever again.


I agree.I bought a Toshiba 40" LCD TV and have 2 year extended warranty.

At 14 months the TV quite and after agreeing to fix it they still haven't sent the parts (two months).

I think they want to push it past the warranty period.Last Toshiba prchase for me.

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