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I ordered a custom Toshiba computer who stated that it would be delivered in time for my upcoming trip. the day prior to my departure I called and canceled the order and while I was gone they shipped it anyway and my wife unknowingly signed for it.

When I returned she told me something that came in the mail and I found it was the computer. I called and wanted to return it and they said no, it was to late. I attempted to load some programs now that I was stuck with it and it would not work so I got a buddy who is good with computers which I am not. He stated that they may have put the wrong OS on it.

I called Toshiba and the Tech support confirmed I only had windows 7 premium installed and not 7 Ultimate with xp mode like I ordered and paid for. They stated that it should be an easy fix. Well after several weeks and phones calls they stated that I did not inform them within fifteen days of delivery so they would not correct their mistake. I explained to them I am a U.S.

Army Soldier and I do not have much time outside of work and I was gone when the computer arrived, which should not have if the first place because I canceled it. I called as soon as I knew there was a problem and they still would not fix their error. I contacted Toshiba USA corp who looked in to it and after approx 2 weeks called and stated they could not get Toshiba direct to change their minds, but stated they tried very hard to do so. I cannot believe this.

I paid for it, they know and admit they installed the wrong program and refuse to reimburse or send me the correct product.

Being in the Military I have been through many difficult and hard situation through all of my experiences I have developed a sense of pride, honor, loyalty, commitment, and especially integrity, which now I know Toshiba possesses none of the above. they shipped me something they should not have and which they would not return and to boot it was not what I ordered and they will do nothing about it.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I went to JAG who stated it's a civil matter and could not help. As asked I'm a Airborne MP Jumpmaster, spent alot of time at Bragg myself.

Thanks for your comments. I have talked to several young troops at the PX who were looking at Toshibas and told them what happened and they bought another brand. I never told them not to buy Toshiba just how I was treated. I never abused my rank or position.

Just with the loss of 8 to 10 laptop sells so far Toshiba lost way more than sending me what I paid for. I will continue to do this on out of spite but to save everyone I can from Toshibas lack of customer service. Just because your policy my state you don't have to do something doesn't mean you shouldn't. That is how I would think thou get repete customers rather than inidividuals like myself who will never buy Toshiba again and will make sure everyone knows what happened to me.

I even got an AAFES salesman telling my story so who knows how many joes have changed their minds. Thanks again everyone. Typing on a cell phone sure makes your eyes hurt so sorry if some of this don't make sense.

Brain is faster than fingers. AIRBORNE


So many people claiming to be soldiers I have to check. Myself I am a veteran. Served 1990-1994 and I am a veteran of the first Gulf War. I was 11M and transitioned to 11B. I was stationed at Ferris Bks and ETS'd to Ft Bragg in 1992.

So please tell me what is your MOS and present duty assignment.

And yes JAG is the way to go. I am sure your wife has a power of attorney. so that means she can sign in your name. She signed for the shipment. Not really a lot you can do about it.

I can say that as far as the hardware goes I can help you there. BUT you need to buy the OS and I can talk you through the installation.


You need to go to the JA on post and file a complaint. Nothing works better than a free lawyer.

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