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Bought a Toshiba 50HP16 plasma TV from Costco for $2500. For that amount of money, I would assume it should have a lifespan of more than three years.

The picture blacked out and am left with sound only. I already had service done to it once and had the Y & Z boards replaced for over $300 and that extended the life of it for only 5 extra months.

The warranty is only 1 year from Toshiba. I called Costco's technical support and the only thing they could do was tell me to power cycle and if that didn't work, they connected me to a Toshiba service rep.

The Toshiba rep tells me to power cycle as well, but that didn't change the fact that my screen was still black. She then tells me that it may be my cable box that is causing this malfunction and that I should contact my cable company. She then gives me a number to a local TV repair service.

I ask her if other customers have reported complaints regarding this TV and she assures me, "oh of course not you are the first one to have problems with this TV." Not only did she waste my time, but also wasted money on a shoddy Toshiba TV. I advise other consumers to think twice before purchasing a Toshiba product!!

Review about: Toshiba Tv.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I have owned my Toshiba 50hp16 for 5 years now, and it is still holding out strong. I still get comments about how great the picture is and how new of a tv it is.

To their surprise it is 5 years old. With that being said, The set does have a great picture, but it is a beast to run, as in it creates a lot of heat. I would not recommend this tv for a large family or someone who spends a lot of time watching tv on a day to day basis where the tv would be on consistantly for extended hours. Since I am the only one who uses it and only play video games and watch movies it has held up well, another thing that might help is not putting it in an entertainment center where the air is trapped and it continously is over heating.

Just like an Xbox, Playstation or PC you need to let your electonics breath.

Long story short, I dont know exactly why the bulbs pop but I believe it is due to the heat issue. Great TV, I love mine


I have the same tv. I bought it from Costco Nov.

2006. The night before last, it just starting flashing, made a pop sound, and the screen went black while I was playing a video game.

Now I have only sound. For $2,000 I would have expected it to last much longer.

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