The product itself has never worked--the Satellite A70/A75 overheats, has no battery life, overheats, runs deafeningly loud, overheats, and now the DVD-RAM drive has just quit on me. And did I mention it overheats?

I had to have the entire motherboard replaced because it was burnt to a crisp.

The only way to prevent overheating every five minutes (I can get ten minutes of use out of this piece of *** during the winter months) is to suspend it in midair on books to allow circulation underneath. I bought a fan to cool it down that sits behind it.

After all of these overheating problems, my DVD-RAM drive topped it off by giving up on me without warning. Toshiba won't speak to me without a $35 charge, even though it is their product that is causing me so much grief.

I was not made aware that there was a class action lawsuit (which was won) against this product, even though I had numerous complaints on file. When I did find out, I was told that I was three months to late as it had already expired. Because it expired, I did not receive any benefits (one of which was an extended warranty, which could have covered the obviously built-in lifespan of the DVD drive).

Customer service does NOT stand by this product. I was told that even though the product had a design flaw (hence the lawsuit), I had no recourse. The customer service agent told me point-blank that there was nothing he would do for me.

Toshiba did not bother to respond to my e-mail complaint.

Not only is this computer a joke, but so is the Toshiba corporation itself. I invested over a thousand dollars into this company by purchasing this piece of garbage. I will NEVER purchase another product from Toshiba, and I advise all of you to do the same.

Review about: Toshiba Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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