I bought this television and it has been nothing but problems.The sound is horrible, it has very bad low end distortion no matter what the settings are.

Worse, there is a 1.5" vertical discoloration on the screen from top to bottom. Toshiba's local repair shop in Minneapolis ( Alex audio video ) has had it for going on three weeks and has no idea if or when it can be repaired. I am told it can take up to four months.

To add insult to injury, the people at Toshiba are belligerent and unsympathetic.I do not recommend this Toshiba product or any other (based on their customer service).

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I purchased mine two years ago and all of the sudden there is a horizontal line three inches from the top of the screen that runs across the TV. I called and I have to pay more than $1,500 to repair it.

This is a joke. I won;t recommend buying this brand to anybody.

Brawley, California, United States #2260

:( My T.V.has developed a vertical stripe down the middle as well.

We are three months out of warranty so, of course, they won't cover the repairs. Toshiba sucks.

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