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about 3 months ago we purchased a Toshiba satellite L455D laptop and have had nothing but trouble with it.when you call for Tech-support, these losers cannot speak understandable English.

If they cannot help you they just hang up the phone.

The computer just keeps getting worse everytime I call them for help. It is almost unusable right now.

I am forced to pay for professional help even though this garbage is supposed to come with a one year "tech support" service.

Next time I will spend the extra money on another brand possibly and Apple.I will be very carefull.


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SO TRUE!!I have called ten different 'toshiba tech support' numbers and all of them are indian and I can't understand anything any of them have said at all, when I ask to speak to someone that speaks english they tell me to hold on, then the same person gets back on the phone and says they're an american.

Again I asked to speak to someone who speaks english and they say "I don't speak english I can't help you" and hang up.

Four people have hung up on me so far.Awesome :(

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