I bought a Satelitte it overheated sent back 4 times. I was part of class action suit recieved $1500 toward another Toshiba I should have taken the $1000 and bought another brand.

I bought the Tecra M4 and added another $500.

I know you are saying what a fool, but I was told the Satelitte had a design flaw.

After 1 year the Tecra began overheating, sent back four times. I don't think they looked at the product.

The process on the Tecra took 4 months, and lots of aggravation.No one speaks english. I had one tech. ask me "since you don't understand me will you please e-mail me your request." I told him "I would love to e-mail you but my computer does not work"

Save your money do not buy Toshiba, I now believe all of Toshiba is flawed. I have purchased a new computer not a Toshiba.

So please do your self a favor and stay far away from Toshiba.

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I have a ten year old Dell Inspiron laptop with only 60gb hard drive and it is still far superior to my new garbage Toshiba satellite laptop. I kick myself for not buying a new Dell. What a waste of money and I am stuck with this inresponsive piece of junk.

Brendan dunne

Florissant, Colorado, United States #664898

My hard drive just died prior to posting this. Earlier this year, my cpu cooling fan in my Toshiba Satellite L455D started making a loud noise, so I immediately shut off the laptop and disassembled it.

I found 3 small plastic beads inside attached to a small piece of masking tape attached to the underside of the laptop case, about to the side of the left touchpad button on the inside. What I found was one of those little round clear plastic beads inside the cpu cooling fan rattling away and stalling the fan entirely. This entire month has been a nightmare of lag as my Toshiba had been progressively becoming slower and slower, with everything including Windows notepad giving "not responding" errors. The Toshiba Silver 15.6" Satellite L455D-S5976 Laptop PC with AMD Sempron Processor & Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit was purchased from Wal_mart, which was a mistake on my behalf, as I ended up with a computer barely over netbook power.

I am running a LiveCD of Xubuntu looking on the net for reinstalling Grub boot loader to my external hard drive to restore my secondary operating system so I can resume life as usual. I will not consider any Toshiba product in the future for my purchases, as I have just lost over 100 Gb of research data before I could do my regular backup session today. There was no SMART hard drive warning, no error messages concerning hard drive failure, just a sudden crash and clickety-click noises from the inside of the laptop case. When a hard drive goes like this, making clicking sounds, it is almost 99 percent of the time unrecoverable.

i won't bother with any warranties or other temporary compensatory solutions. I will just buy an Asus. The good thing about this laptop was that it survived a power surge that nuked my Windows 7 partition from the Acer Aspire One netbook sitting on the same desk, which now has Linux on it. I will also not purchase any computers from Wal-Mart anymore, because the only 3 computers I have ever purchased from there have all given me considerable trouble.

The keyboard on this Toshiba feels like typing on wet cardboard draped over a tray of jello, as it is quite "mushy" and sometimes causes the mouse to steal focus from resting your hands on the areas to either side of the touchpad. I am a programmer and I use a USB keyboard to make use of this Toshiba laptop because of the squishy keyboard that causes the mouse to randomly highlight half of the paragraph I just typed randomly. This is counter-productive and should be improved to stop this problem. The Toshiba Satellite L455D has wireless LAN adapter, but it is not Linux friendly as I was forced to purchase a $40 USB 2.0 Wireless adapter that works with Linux.

The sound quality was not that bad with headphones, but I feel that a better machine is required to be productive and to enjoy. When playing online games, the L455D was sluggish as it only had 2 Gb of DDR2 RAM installed, barely enough for the 4 Gb RAM recommended by Microsoft. The factory installed ATI laptop graphics were sub standard, fetching the lowest score in the Windows performance index for all the hardware components. I was told to give Asus or Dell a try, but I have experience with Dell hardware and am looking for longer lasting parts in my machine.

A 1 core AMD Sempron is not adequate enough for any real gaming experience, as everything is sluggish and sometimes crashes because there is not enough physical memory to play even basic games sold at Wal-Mart for $9.95. I am thinking of an 8 core AMD for productive creativity at this point, mostly from the frustration of using substandard hardware for so long. As for getting Toshiba Corporation to listen to us, our money speaks louder. When their sales drop from dissatisfied customers, they will either make better or be sold to a larger company.

The AMD Sempron is equal to the Intel Celeron, and both are low grade hardware. My honest rating on a scale of 1 to 20, 1 being lowest and 20 being highest, I would rate this laptop an 8 overall. (as a side note, I rated the Acer Aspire One netbook at a 5 for the sluggishness and Intel graphics conflicts with many games.) My advice to Toshiba is to produce more durable hard drives that last longer. That above all else would save the company reputation.

The next laptop I get will be an Asus, and I will swap out the factory hard drives with Samsung SSD drives for higher performance. Customer support for many companies is similar to the rebate systems they use. These things are designed to reduce the number of cases for reimbursements to customers who have received a defective product by causing hassle. The more hassle the customers must go through, the fewer customers that end up completing the hassle gauntlet that will exist to ask for repairs, replacements, rebates, etc.

This is why I don't bother with customer service, warranties, rebates, etc. as I was once a customer service rep myself. Toshiba has not satisfied me as a consumer with the Satellite L455D laptop in 2013. If you are curious, go to the wal-mart site and search for "Toshiba Silver 15.6" Satellite L455D-S5976 Laptop PC with AMD Sempron Processor & Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit" and you will see how bad I was ripped for this one.

I would not suggest purchasing this laptop if you are a gamer, or if you depend upon your computer for a home business. This laptop is slightly more powerful than a netbook and some phones may exceed it's power range now.


I do believe my toshiba story is the worst.

I to had a satelite, and it suffered from the overheating problem. After multiple crashes and dead ends from "customer support", I went into a rampage. Please note I am currently attending anger managment and am working on my feelings.

I took the computer and first smashed it into my kitchen countertop, which was fake marble. This caused a chunk of marble about the size of my hand to come off the counter. Upon seeing this, the last thing I can remember was being on the floor with glass in my hand.

I woke up an hour later on the kitchen floor with blood all over my clothes and arms. Apparently I suffer from episodes of extreme violence and rage, which often cause me to pass out. By what was left of my computer around me, I can only assume I ripped it apart with my bare hands cutting myself badly as I did before blacking out.


Got a Toshiba for x-mas, had to have the hard drive replaced twice within 5 months, both times I had to pay even though it was covered under their warranty. They told me the hard drive was defective.

TOSHIBA IS A LOAD OF GARBAGE. They do not back up their products at all.


My T135 laptop (touchpad) failed at about 3 months.After countless phone fixes,it was`sent to Louisville repair depot. It took 4 weeks before Toshiba admitted failure.

Their offer was a "refurbished" computer with a 3 month waranty. The only action that can be taken against them is via the National Arbitration Forum. The NAF stopped taking these cases 2 years ago. Can't imagine Toshiba didn't know.The Toshiba people were the most disengenuous group that I have ever dealt with.

I am retired, but had I been working, I would not have pursued the matter.

Costco refunded the $$. I would not buy a Toshiba again.


I bought a Toshiba Laptop for Christmas 09'. Within in the 4 months in use.

The keys kept getting stuck, it kept shutting off, and then the screen went out.

I send it in for service and was told it had a cracked screen. I was told it would cost $320 to $450 to have it replaced.


Price vs reliability.

I agree the Toshiba brand is not the best one in the market. I have a TV and a laptop and both failed after the warranty. I was able to fix my laptop, it was also overheating.

Next time that I am buying a new laptop I will try a better brand and I am not buying Toshiba anymore. I won't recommend that brand to anybody.


I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 and the left speaker cuts out, the CD/DVD ROM drive doesn't read half the disks I put into it, and the keyboard keys come off too easily.

Toshiba is a junk brand. I would never even accept a Toshiba laptop as a gift. Garbage company!

Arrington, Tennessee, United States #21060

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I have a Toshiba Satellite A 105 and have never had ANY problems with it, except when someone stole it and jacked it up.

I recommend Toshiba to everyone I know and they love em too.

Now Dell on the other hand is a piece of ***. I have 4 friends who bought them for college freshman year and by the end of it had major problems with them and even had them crash and die by christmas of sophomore year.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States #18096

This is true. Never buy toshiba.

I bought a toshiba Satellite A200/202. I noticed that after few days it had 4 bright pixels on the screen. The company refuses to replace my laptop.

Besides webcam doesn't work. The fingerprint scanner doesn't work either

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