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I bought a Toshiba Laptop less then a year ago. The left click botton was loose and I asked my computer guy to take a look at it.

He said the plastic connection, inside the computer was broken and sent it to Toshiba, because it was still under warranty. Toshiba said it would not honor the warranty because it was "normal usage damage." I said, "So your telling me you make an inferior product that can break within one year and will not cover it under warranty?" David, at Toshiba's Consumer Relations said, "yes." But they will repair it for $425.00!!!!! Almost half the price of the laptop. David explained that $425.00 is their flat rate for ANY repair.

Don't buy a Toshiba if you plan on using it normally. My friend purchased an Intel, at the same time from Best Buy and his warranty covers repairs even if you throw it against a wall.

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same thing happened they just told me it would cost me 150 to fix the button . I told them send it back broke.

Just bought a asus today lol Ill keep the toshiba for basic stuff downloading music and ***.

Just *** have a laptop for a year then the button breaks and my warrenty wont cover "cosmetic" damage. *** toshiba .


I purchased an A505-S6965 July 26, 2009. The DVD player didn't work.

Toshiba had me goto an ASC on September 9, 2009. They broke the keyboard and the multi-media keys and couldn't repair it. So it was sent it the Repair Depot where it has been on hold as "no parts". Call after call I was disconnected, perpetual hold or told "call back later".

Today I told them to send it back broken (1-1353072555). I just don't understand why Toshiba just didn't replace it.


I rest my case...


I fail to see what brain power has to do with a broken piece of equipment. I am currently using my 7 year old Gateway laptop, while waiting for Toshiba to return my new one, and the mouse buttons are intact and work just fine.


So you are telling me you posess an inferior amount of brain power yet you made enough money to buy a laptop? WOW.

Look what did you do the the touch pad to break it. The things are really robust.

Internet *** maybe? Yah thats it.

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