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So back in december I bought a Toshiba Satellite A505-s6980 while in Houston at Best buy, for 600 dollars plus tax, which was a great price I thought. Also included international warranty, which I thought was great since I live and work in Mexico. So I bought the laptop and started using it and realized that the indicator leds at the front of the laptop weren't working correctly, so I went back to Best buy after Christmas and they gave me a new laptop.

A few days later I went back to Mexico and started getting an error saying my hard drive was about to fail, laptop wasn't even 2 weeks old. So I contacted the repair centers near me and they all said it would be the equivalent of 150 dollars to fix the laptop, which I thought was ridiculous since a new hard 500gb Sata hard drive for a laptop, even in Mexico, costs less than 115 dollars.

I started calling the toshiba headquarters in Mexico city, and all I kept getting was rude technical support people who told me that I shouldn't have bought a Toshiba laptop if I didn't like the guarantee or to take advantage of a future trip to the states to get the laptop fixed. Which obviously was absurd because what kind of laptop maker says that? After many calls to them I finally got through to the boss of Customer Care, who said they couldn't do anything because it was their company policy to set a fixed rate of 150 dollars to fix the laptop and I should really take advantage of a trip to get it fixed. I asked him how he can explain that a "warranty" is charging me 150 dollars and that if I go to any computer store I can get the actual part for the equivalent of 115 dollars. He said that the hard drive was "special", which obviously is bs, and that they get all the parts from the US and that shipping costs that amount. Obviously I wasn't born yesterday and I know that 150 dollars to send a hard drive, even internationally is a complete lie.

I put a complaint with PROFECO in Mexico, which supposedly helps customers with abusive product providers. It took them 4 months to do different processes to talk to toshiba and what not, and all that toshiba offered was a 10% discount to get this fixed, which obviously is completely absurd, because why should I have to pay for badly made parts sold to me from Toshiba. One of the people from toshiba also tried saying that the part that was failing, is something they don't warranty because it is not a toshiba part. This is ridiculous considering that, 1) it is a part Toshiba sells, they need to take responsability for what they sell, and 2) the hard drive is Toshiba brand....... In the end nothing was resolved with PROFECO, because they don't have any laws in Mexico against constumer warranty abuse on pcs and laptops....

Obviously I will never buy Toshiba again nor will I ever recommend that brand to anyone, as I basically have had to pay 650 Dollars (including Tax), 115 dollars new hard drive, plus countless time arguing with toshiba, 35 dollars of international calls to toshiba USA.

Toshiba is by far the worst laptop provider ever.

Review about: Toshiba Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Obviously you need to read a contract before you buy something. The battery is never covered by any warranty. Never has been nore will it.

Normally an HDD has a 1 year warranty.

Sooooo basically because you didn't take the time to read a simple piece of paper you screwed yerself.

It's not only toshiba but dell, acer, asus and everyone else has the same excptions.


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