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After ordering a Laptop from TOSHIBA on January 4th, it finally shipped on Friday January 21st. UPS attempted to deliver on Monday the 24th.

No one was available to receive. After calling UPS I was instructed that TOSHIBA will not allow pick up by the customer from the UPS terminal, even with valid photo i.d. The TOSHIBA customer service representative and her supervisor instructed me that this was corporate policy and that there was nothing that could be done to issue different instructions to UPS in regared to the delivery. How in the world is anyone that works or is a student supposed to receive a package from TOSHIBA?

The customer service rep was rude, laughing when I ttold her I would hold for her manager...

saying "you can't hold for my manager, I'll get my supervisor." The Supervisor told me that it was fine with her if my laptop was returned and my credit card credited. Wow... what GREAT customer service and what a wonderful way to ensure that the money and labor that has been invested in this sale by TOSHIBA pays off! These employees don't care!

If my employees told my customers that they didn't care about an order...

they would be terminated. TOSHIBA needs to reconsider shipping policy and make it easier for the customer to manage a shipment.

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