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I bought my Toshiba Satellite L505D-GS6000 in May on this year through Best Buy, the first one I got the DVD_ROM was defective (sounded like a freaking Boeing 757 taking off while standing right next to it!) and I noticed it within 24 hours of recieving my laptop so Best Buy replaced it no problem.

After that by June to July the problems started, and the same darn problem mind you! I would open up my laptop to hear my laptop booting up PERFECTLY but NO MONITOR! No backlight, no signs of life what so ever. So of course I did the whole remove the battery with the cord in, nope didnt work, took cord out removed battery tried again nope, ok now I was getting peeved, did the whole process again twice and woolah computer back. Thought to myself wierd but ok its alright cool. Two weeks later same thing only this time no amount of plugging in or unplugging or battery removal could bring my monitor to life. I was irked but I immediately called Toshiba Tech Support (Only to have to redo my ritual of unplugging and such again for him TWICE!???) They sent me a box, I put my laptop in it, sent it away, and about 10 to 12 days later recieved it back. My baby was working again, YAY!

Until about a month later once again same thing happened, WTF? this time I was more than a bit irked. Got a tech support guy who escalated me to a case manager who said alright well we'll send it back to the depot department in Kentucky again. Once again another box and another total of over two weeks without my computer. (Thank God for smart phones!) Came back and son of a *bleep* the *** didnt work straight out of the box!!! Now I was PISSED, actually I was probably even beyond pissed!

I called the next business day got escalated to a case manager again who said unfortunately the problem still did not qualify for a replacement so this time instead of sending it to the depot repair place in Kentucky they were going to send it to the "VIP" repair depot in california. I said fine another box came, got picked up and again over two weeks without my computer. Came back worked fine for two days!!!!! When it stopped working, it was a weekend and a holiday time so it was four or five days before I was going to be able to reach a case manager so everyday I tried to no avail to bring my baby up finally after a lot of coaxing and love it decided to be nice.

Then as of today a week later this morning while using it the monitor just went black. Called the tech support was supposed to get transferred to the case manager but the waiting time was forever so I said I'd call back in a bit and use my reference number and then get transferred at that time. About an hour later my laptop turned on worked 30 minutes and went black again 15 minutes later came on (hasnt gone off yet but I am sure its just a matter of a time). During this time I did call back got transferred to a case manager who after agreeing the product was obviously defective said the ONLY option was to send it away (for the fourth time!!!) to the "VIP" repair depot in california again. I said that was unacceptable and that the product needed to be replaced. If three seperate people at two different repair depots couldnt get it right already I dont think a fourth person was going to get a suddenly light bulb over there head and fix it for good. I said I wanted to talk to someone above her, she said there is no one above me that you can speak to. I then of course sarcastically added so you run Toshiba then huh? She of course said no and I said then I would like to talk to your supervisor then. She again refused again and again saying that "Her supervisor did not deal with customers and that she was the highest level I could go to who had any authorization to do anything." (I of course knew and then proved about 10 minute later that the statement of course was a flat out lie!)

Now I am a level headed person but of course I can have a temper when being treated unfairly or like an I dont know how the world works. I did cuss one (and a half times) I got a "warning" the first cuss word and the second one I stopped myself half way through the word and replaced it with a "frack" rather that the more endearing term that we all love. She then gave me another "warning" (what am I in high school again!?!? I graduated 6 years ago and joined the military! I was in the Coast Guard so I cuss like a sailor and can rein it in when necessary but come on a "warning"!?!?)

Eventually I hung up on the bullheaded evil woman and immediately googled "Toshiba Corporate Contacts" got the corporate number got a nice calm man explained the situation who then transferred me to a voicemail box for "Toshiba Corporate Elevated Case Managers". Supposably I should get a call back within 24 hours but at this point I have no faith or trust in Toshiba or their products. After researching this apparently is a widely known problem with this specific model yet supposably (even though MANY have sent it in with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM just as many times) they have no 'bulletin' of this problem being a wide known problem in their system. (I have included some links to forums and such that discribe this exact problem between many different people) Mind you they stopped selling this exact laptop probably a month later even though it was still very new on the market and just now the technology inside they are considering to be at its "prime". Which leads me to believe that they knew something wasnt and isn't right.

I am tired of the scripted responses and the lack of care for their customers, and hoping maybe you could help in any way even if it is to warn consumers about Toshibas lack of quality customer service (while many of tech support people are nice (even if half of then are from Istanbul and you cant understand them)and more than willing to deal with your problems once you hit case manager level you are dealing with evil "managers" who dont give a rats rear end about the customers. They only care about reading their scripts and taking home their fat paycheck!) I am sorry but for the last five months of me owning my laptop, me only having my laptop working for a total of maybe two months is absolutely rediculous. Many people have had Toshiba say that unless the laptop is deemed unrepairable they refuse to replace the laptop or give a refund. I dont know about you but if it cant be repaired properly three times by three different supposably trained computer technicians maybe it should be deemed unrepairable!!! (although I know that it is repairable but apparently they dont know how to do it and I refuse to screw myself and break the seal therefore voiding my warranty.)

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