Okay I have a 37" Toshiba LCD Regza. I have owned this for little under 3 months. It has a warranty through Toshiba and I bought it open box. I got lucky and the guy at circuit city found the stand and gave it to me.

I set it up according to the manual and made sure that it was pretty firmly secure. I put it on top of a level tv stand that I used a leveling tool to make sure it was perfectly even. I was watching TV one day and I heard a creek sound followed by seeing it fall over forward onto the ground.

I called Toshiba 2 minutes later in disbelief and explained my problem. I said my tv just fell over! They said warranty DOES NOT COVER THAT! I said you have a defective parts warranty and obviously the stand is defective. They told me I would have to see a service station. What's up with that why the horrible Customer Service???

What should I do? What should I say?

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