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On Thursday May 14, my Toshiba informed me that I had a necessary BIOS update that needed to be performed.  I followed their online instructions and when my computer shut down to "restart" with the update, it never came back.  The onlibe BIOS update thta Toshiba recommended fried my bios chip and mother board and the technicians at Toshiba could care less that this happened.  They just told me where I might be able to send it to get it "fixed".  My computer was just a little over a year old (of course, just out of warranty).  I am a very unhappy customer of Toshiba and just wanted to forewarn anyone else who might step into this situation.

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i updatd mybios on toshia a660 and it wont boot up at all, not even lghts on the screen and its just been 2 weeks since i bought the computer from ebay and the seller would just provide standard hardware warranty. :(


Its soooo sad that these forums are very old in the technologic world,,,and I am Now having this problem with my toshiba L655D that i bought a little over a year ago (ofcourse) Toshiba wanted me to pay them 35$ just to speak with them. **** that!


Downloaded BIOS for Toshiba L505D, Clicked install, Computer went black and will not start.Called Toshiba Customer Service>>>>>THEY COULD CARE LESS!!!

Thaey told me I would have to pay for the repair, even though I did what they recommended.Will never buy a ToSHITba product again....EVER!!!!


Mulch, it's a very serious problem.It's not CMOS related.

It's BIOS flash failure. Happened with many Toshiba models. My P205 Satellite failed the BIOS flash as well. Tosh wanted $300 for the repair.

I found thank god.They did the repair for a 1/3 of the cost.


BIOS chip? What is that? Do you mean the CMOS chip?

How can you *** a BIOS flash?

Well all is not lost. I checked the support page and there a program that will allow you to completly empty the CMOS and then install BIOS again. No problem. Check the site and this time REALLY folow the instructions. No lip service needed tis time.

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