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I brought a Toshiba laptop, a few days after the warranty expired, the hinges fell apart. The company told me that they would sock me almost $500 for repairs. As it turns out, the hinges were too tight from the get go. Now, the audio jack fell apart so headphones do not work. There is no way to reconfigure the other stereo jack (microphone), which is supposed to be possible with RealTek sound cards. That would cost several hundred more. Please,... Read more

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I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite L15W-B1208X. I was super excited at first because the specs are great ccompared to its affordable price. Unfortunately, my satisfaction just dropped to the bottom 3 days after I used it. I was wondering if I received a defect product. 1. It lagged so much. It is so slow. It is a brand new laptop, so I do not think this problem should exist unless it has been used for more or less one year. 2. Super ANNOYING... Read more

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It's unbelievable the absent of any feed from Toshiba Asia customers services. I've bought a laptop in Malaysia on 2013 and last week the HD just stop to work. I've wrote for 4 different emails and also have sent two messages on Twitter and so far. 10 days after I get zero response.

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My laptop had a 1 year warranty. No problems except the DVD drive started sticking. At times it wouldn't open and DVDs were stuck in it. I called Toshiba and spoke to a foreigner who could barely speak English. I cleary explained I had no "birus" and there was nothing wrong with my "bindows"; I ony needed the DVD drive repaired. They very strong suggested I pay the $29.99 for shipping. When I got my laptop back they had completely wiped the... Read more

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I bought new Chromebook 2 from Toshiba and after 2 months I got burned out (red) pixels lines appeared on the dark display. I called customer service and answering several nonsense questions and after wasting half hour before you get to talk to real person (in Philippines), they wanted me to pay me $30 shipping to ship the Chromebook to their repair center and be without the computer for 10 days. Last Toshiba product in our family. (I love... Read more

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Toshiba mistreats clients who bought their computers, lying and not attending the needs of their customers, I hve called 14 times regarding my case 201605022468633 but they never honored my case and treated me very badly. This company address is 1 Penn Plaza, New York NY 05114 telephone 855-256-9005 Toshiba mistreats clients who bought their computers, lying and not attending the needs of their customers, I hve called 14 times regarding my case... Read more

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I am very disappointed customer for poor and lethargic Toshiba services. I have Toshiba 39 inch LED TV which is dead since Jan 2016. I have raised my TV repair request through VijaySales in month of Jan 2016. First they said they would replace the TV as it is warranty and for this reply 15-20 days. After repeated follow-ups they stated they don't have model available and they would refund the billing Amt. After 1 month they come back and say... Read more

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Buyers beware of toshiba one week after purchase probally three times of use it crashed on me called toshiba,The second person i got walked me through a reinstall of everyting.This allowed me to use again for a while while yes this is 24 months old know.But actually used less than 100 times crashed again failed hard drive no surprise look up the troubles with them they do not offer any help waranty is a joke found that out the first time.Do not... Read more

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I called Toshiba customer support this afternoon because I had forgotten my login password. I waited for 45 minutes to get an agent. When I was FINALLY transferred to a tech support person, his command of English was so poor, he could not understand me, nor I him. I demanded to speak to a Supervisor. When one was FINALLY found (an hour passed) he told me to do a system reset. I was told that my files and settings would be retained, as I would... Read more

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My mom bought this laptop for me to use, I m not sure exactly what date but it's been plagued with problems ever since she brought it home. The first day the power supply port broke off it's track inside the computer so it has to be taped or I can't plug in the computer. Then the cd rom drive started making weird noises because the back of the computer won't come all the way off and when I taped the power port back on it got all loose. There... Read more

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