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Laptop under 1 year old .....hinge broke TOSHIBA will NOT repair .....Said it was caused by me through damage that I caused . I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy any item from TOSHIBA again. I hope all of the people out there can read some of these problems .. P.S. after talking to the 3rd supervisor............ she tried to sell me a 2 year warranty plan ....SICK>>SICK>>>>SICK . I did review the warranty and it does not indicate that the hinges are... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 01
  • #965178

I've read a lot of complaints on Toshiba laptops well I want to warn everyone about their tvs they suckn as well

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Purchased a Toshiba Satellite Radius Laptop in 2015. Among many problems, the keyboard continues to fail (a pervasive and well-documented issue for this model) even after being "repaired" twice at the Toshiba Repair Depot. This problem existed well before the warranty expired, but Toshiba says they cannot repair the laptop a third time for the same problem because now the laptop is out of warranty. Nice racket Toshiba has going! They... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 06
  • #932007

Laptop would not boot after 5 months. Mailed to Toshiba $15. They have had it almost 2 months. Escalation, attitude and lies. Was told Id be called in 2 business days. Its been 5. Just called them, more of the same. NEVER BUYING TOSHIBA AGAIN.

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I am experiencing the following issue: I purchased what I thought was from a reputable company, my laptop went in for repair and was damaged in transit. The outsourced company for Toshiba repairs tried to lay the blame with me for the damage suffered by there chosen courier, they are illegally withholding my hard-drive after numerous calls to return it back due to the confidential data held on it and are ignoring my calls and cannot speak to... Read more

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I brought a Toshiba laptop, a few days after the warranty expired, the hinges fell apart. The company told me that they would sock me almost $500 for repairs. As it turns out, the hinges were too tight from the get go. Now, the audio jack fell apart so headphones do not work. There is no way to reconfigure the other stereo jack (microphone), which is supposed to be possible with RealTek sound cards. That would cost several hundred more. Please,... Read more

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I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite L15W-B1208X. I was super excited at first because the specs are great ccompared to its affordable price. Unfortunately, my satisfaction just dropped to the bottom 3 days after I used it. I was wondering if I received a defect product. 1. It lagged so much. It is so slow. It is a brand new laptop, so I do not think this problem should exist unless it has been used for more or less one year. 2. Super ANNOYING... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 25
  • #888531

It's unbelievable the absent of any feed from Toshiba Asia customers services. I've bought a laptop in Malaysia on 2013 and last week the HD just stop to work. I've wrote for 4 different emails and also have sent two messages on Twitter and so far. 10 days after I get zero response.

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My laptop had a 1 year warranty. No problems except the DVD drive started sticking. At times it wouldn't open and DVDs were stuck in it. I called Toshiba and spoke to a foreigner who could barely speak English. I cleary explained I had no "birus" and there was nothing wrong with my "bindows"; I ony needed the DVD drive repaired. They very strong suggested I pay the $29.99 for shipping. When I got my laptop back they had completely wiped the... Read more

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I bought new Chromebook 2 from Toshiba and after 2 months I got burned out (red) pixels lines appeared on the dark display. I called customer service and answering several nonsense questions and after wasting half hour before you get to talk to real person (in Philippines), they wanted me to pay me $30 shipping to ship the Chromebook to their repair center and be without the computer for 10 days. Last Toshiba product in our family. (I love... Read more

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